Welcome to our online fragrance store. We have over 30 Fine Women and Men fragrances at 3.4 fl oz / 100ml size. Our Fragrances and Packaging are comparable to all expensive designer fragrances.  Each packaged is wrapped in cellophane and the fragrance contains more oil than most name brand fragrances, so therefore it also last longer. The price for these fragrances are $ 35.00 each, and with free shipping for every 3 items that you ordered..

We are very proud of our fragrance and we are absolutely confident that you will love it too. These fragrances are not sold in stores.

Word of mouth is the best advertising and our fragrances for Women and Men will always makes a lasting statement, so everyone will easily remember you and this fragrance will become your signature.

Designer, celebrities and famous people are always coming up with new fragrance products that combines with the old classic with the new fragrance.

All our fragrances cover the entire range of old and new. Which will definitely brings back special memories and also creating lasting new unforgettable happy moments. .

Our customer service is the best in the industry.  Thank You for your support

Customer Service / Sales  201-791-1125

24 Hour Order Hotline  973-951-4592

EMAIL  sales@womenfragrancesperfumes.com

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